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for Uxbridge Ward 3
Forward. Together.

This site is currently under construction. You can reach Zed at
or visit Instagram or Facebook and search Zed Pickering
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 Want to be a part of something special? Join Team Zed and let's move Forward Together

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Thank you for getting behind #TeamZed and displaying your choice for Ward 3



Exactly what our town needs!


Zed brings compassion, initiative, energy, ideas and work ethic.


All you need to do is Google his name and have a look at his range of 'giving' initiatives to understand the sort of human you are dealing with - kind and caring and genuine.


A balance of youth and maturity is required on any effective town council.  Zed will bring the voice of youth to the table. 


Zed is wise beyond his years with a compassionate outlook and a genuine commitment to change, approaching new initiatives with energy and enthusiasm.

Shelley Macbeth

Owner, Blue Heron Books

Hey, Uxbridge Ward 3 dwellers! This guy is running for township council and we can tell you, from the five years he spent working with us, that he’s the real deal. We’re proud of Zed Pickering for wanting to take on a tough job, with the aim to help people and make our town a better place to live, work and play. We live in Ward 3, so we’re lucky - we can vote for Zed too.

Rob Garrord & Joanne Richter

Co-Owners, The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

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